The alteration in red diesel regulations amplifies the risk of theft to an unprecedented level

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surrey security services
surrey security services

Commencing April 1st, 2022, the construction industry is on the brink of a significant transformation as eligibility for rebated red diesel usage undergoes revocation. This alteration, aligning with the government’s commitment to curb carbon emissions, enhance energy efficiency, and meet air quality objectives, carries profound implications for businesses.

Financial Impact on Enterprises

The prevailing cost of rebated red diesel stands at 11.14 pence per litre (ppl), presenting a notable contrast to white diesel priced at 57.95 ppl. Shifting to alternative fuels entails an additional expense of 46.81 ppl. Coupled with the recent surge in nationwide fuel prices, reaching unprecedented heights, businesses confront formidable financial pressures. This strains liquidity and magnifies the intricacies of maintaining regulatory compliance.

Navigating One-Time Expenses and Compliance Hurdles

Construction enterprises are confronted with one-time outlays to secure additional tanks, vehicles, and equipment in alignment with the revised regulations. The imperative to exhaust existing stocks of red diesel or secure alternative fuel sources ahead of the April deadline further complicates matters. Non-compliance exposes businesses to substantial fines. Prudent record-keeping and meticulous documentation assume paramount importance, as HMRC audits scrutinize historical purchasing and usage data.

Dual Burden for Certain Contractors

Contractors straddling the construction and agriculture sectors, where red diesel usage remains permissible, encounter dual financial strains. This involves managing two distinct fuel supplies—red diesel for agricultural purposes and white diesel for construction needs—while concurrently overseeing separate plants or equipment. The intricate task of entirely purging tanks and supply lines between uses presents challenges and consumes valuable time.

Heightened Peril of Fuel Theft

The amendment to regulations and recent surges in fuel prices have significantly escalated the attractiveness of both red and white diesel for potential theft. This emergent threat targets construction sites, imperiling vehicle fleets and substantial fuel inventories.

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