Mobile Division


Mobile patrols are highly effective deterrent when full-time security is either impracticable or unaffordable. Arriving in site in clearly marked vehicles at random times, they are effective form of security for:

1. Large open spaces such as golf courses, schools, recreation areas or parks
2. Large construction projects, warehouses and transport depots
3. Areas that may present excessive risks for static guards

“  24 HOURS A DAY / 365 DAYS A YEAR  

Our fleet of modern patrol vehicles, manned by experienced officers, delver a fast response to alarm activations, attend client's premises for locking and unlocking, and patrol large areas.

Our officers will patrol all areas of the customer premise ensuring continued security throughout non-working hours. Mobile Security Officers provide a fast-response solution to secure the safety of your property, providing a reactive approach against preventing vandalism and theft. If emergency remedial repairs are required and subject to pre-authorisation by you, we can arrange for these repairs to be carried out. We are offering the service to the commercial and private real estate who require security across their property.


If you've got a number of premises, or if your business operates long and unsociable hours, then we can take away the worry and the burden of securing and opening your premises by doing it for you.

At The End of the Day….

Our Security Officer arrives shortly before the end of your day, whenever that may be. Ensuring the last member of staff has left, he then carries out a full patrol making sure all doors and windows are closed and that all non-essential equipment is turned off. He then locks up and leaves, setting the alarm if necessary.


Key Benefits:

You don't need to be there at the start or finish of the working day. There's no need to rely on employees. The high-profile Security Officer and patrol vehicle is a deterrent to potential adversaries. Complete peace of mind knowing your business is safe and secured by one of UK's most dedicated security companies. Surrey Security provides unlocks and locks to both commercial and residential customers.


At the end of the working day, you simply set your Intruder Alarm and go home for the evening. In the event of an incident occurring out of your normal working hours our Mobile Unit will be dispatched to your premises and deal with the situation on your behalf.

What happens if there is a break in?

We work with a number of local partner companies to ensure that we guarantee not to leave your site until the issue is resolved – or you have given us permission to. From glazing to boarding, gas & electricity problems to Intruder Alarm failures, we will work with our suppliers on your behalf.


What happens if there is a false alarm?

Our Mobile Unit will ascertain, where possible, the cause of the false alarm in order to prevent it happening again. The majority of Intruder Alarm call outs in UK are false alarms, caused by a number of things but most commonly open windows and faults on Intruder Alarm Systems. If we feel that your premises is generating an unusually high number of false alarms we will ask your Intruder Alarm partner to attend the site during working hours to work with you to solve the problem. In any event false alarms are always correctly reported to customers.

Do I really need it?

Many businesses do not currently recognise the impact on their insurance should an incident happen. By employing Surrey Security Service to act as your official company keyholders, not only to comply with lone worker policies but business continuity will improve, as no longer will senior members of your team have to attend the site in the middle of the night.


There are numerous empty premises across UK which need to be protected from vandalism, fire, squatters, and theft.

Vacant properties can be seen as an easy target by vandals, arsonists and squatters. This presents a very real threat to the investment in the property as well as holding up any plans that the owner may have for it. Should the premises be the target of squatters the removal of these illegal trespassers can be time-consuming and expensive.


Our professional team will conduct an assessment of your vacant property to help determine an inspection and security plan for you and your business. Whether you require a security guard to inspect your property on a weekly basis, or a full solution including vacant property CCTV monitoring, we will create a solution to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for a motivated, reliable, and customer-focused security company to provide you with vacant property protection, choose Surrey Security Service. We specialise in providing comprehensive, cost-effective, fast and flexible security solutions for vacant property whether it is a residential or commercial property. We have the experience and personnel to allow us to secure, occupy and vacate a property at a few hour’s notice.