Surrey Security Service

Manned Guarding


Security is often the first point of contact a guest will make when visiting your facility, so let Surrey Security be the ambassadors for your business as first impression last!. Our reception and concierge team is highly professional and trained. You can hire our concierge security services on a full-time or part-time basis to seamlessly supplement your own staff for holiday and sickness cover or heavy workloads.


Surrey Security also provides SIA-licensed staff for door supervision at events and venues. Their role is to safe environment where guests can enjoy themselves event without risk. Our door supervisors are always dressed appropriately and are trained to meet and greet guests politely and discreetly.


Shrinkage is an age-old platform for retailers. Security tagging and CCTV help minimize the losses, but a patrolling security guard can reduce them still further. Surrey Security provides qualified retail security officers who are trained to recognize suspicious behavior, whether by customers or staff, and can either deter theft simply by their presence, or be a witness to a criminal act.