Marshalling Division


Amidst the ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the safety and well-being of your community, employees, and customers has never been more critical. At Surrey Security Service, we are proud to offer professional COVID marshal services that contribute to maintaining a secure and healthy environment.

Our COVID Marshal Services:

Trained Professionals: Our COVID marshals are extensively trained in health and safety protocols, crowd management, and effective communication to ensure compliance with guidelines while promoting a respectful atmosphere.

Safety Compliance: We help your establishment adhere to local and national safety guidelines by monitoring and enforcing mask usage, social distancing, and capacity regulations. Our presence provides reassurance and demonstrates your commitment to public health.

Friendly Guidance: Our marshals understand that cooperation and education are key. They approach their duties with a friendly demeanour, offering guidance and answering questions to foster a positive atmosphere of shared responsibility.

Flexible Solutions: Whether you're a retail store, corporate office, event venue, or any other type of business, our services are tailored to fit your specific needs. We work closely with you to develop a strategy that aligns with your goals.

24/7 Support: We offer around-the-clock availability, allowing you to manage unexpected situations promptly and efficiently. Our team is ready to adapt to evolving circumstances and provide real-time solutions.


Make Surrey Security Service your partner in safeguarding the health of your community. By choosing us as your COVID marshal provider, you demonstrate your commitment to creating a secure environment while focusing on what you do best – running your business.

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When it comes to the safety of your premises and the people within, there's no room for compromise. At Surrey Security Service, we take fire safety seriously and proudly offer professional Fire Marshal services that provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Why Choose Our Fire Marshal Services:

Trained Experts: Our Fire Marshals are extensively trained in fire safety protocols, emergency response procedures, and risk assessment. Their expertise ensures that your premises are well-prepared to handle any fire-related situation.

Comprehensive Assessments:We conduct thorough assessments of your premises to identify potential fire hazards, evacuation routes, and optimal placements for firefighting equipment. Our goal is to minimize risks and maximize preparedness.

Emergency Planning: Our Fire Marshals work closely with you to develop and implement effective emergency plans tailored to your establishment's unique layout and needs. This ensures a well-coordinated response during critical moments.

Regular Drills: We organize and conduct fire drills to ensure that your staff and occupants are well-practiced in evacuation procedures. This familiarity can make all the difference in a real emergency.

24/7 Vigilance: Fire emergencies can strike at any time. Our Fire Marshals are available around the clock to monitor your premises, promptly address potential issues, and provide immediate assistance when needed.

Peace of Mind: By partnering with Surrey Security Service for Fire Marshal services, you demonstrate your commitment to the safety of everyone under your roof. This commitment not only safeguards lives but also enhances your reputation as a responsible establishment.


Choose Surrey Security Service as your dedicated Fire Marshal provider and take proactive steps towards a safer future. Our skilled Fire Marshals are here to guide you through the complexities of fire safety, allowing you to focus on your core operations with confidence.


A traffic marshal, also known as a banksman, is a designated person who is professionally trained in safely directing large moving vehicles around a construction site or distribution centre etc. They are trained to place themselves into correct positions and make use of banksman signals, and possibly radio communication, to guide large vehicle drivers when their view is obstructed.

Surrey Security service specialises in the provision of highly effective and well-trained traffic marshal (banksman), to meet the requirements and challenges of construction and logistics sectors throughout the UK at very competitive rates.


Why Choose Our Traffic Marshal Services:

Trained Professionals: Our Traffic Marshals are highly trained in traffic management strategies, road safety protocols, and effective communication techniques. With their expertise, they keep traffic moving smoothly while prioritizing safety.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that every traffic scenario is unique. Whether you're organizing an event, managing construction sites, or dealing with high-traffic areas, our services are customizable to suit your specific requirements.

Safety First: Safety is non-negotiable. Our Traffic Marshals are equipped to identify potential hazards, swiftly respond to emergencies, and guide pedestrians and drivers safely through complex traffic situations.

Efficient Crowd Control: For events and busy locations, our Traffic Marshals excel in managing crowds, ensuring that traffic flows seamlessly and avoiding congestion. This expertise is especially valuable in maintaining order during high-demand situations.

Clear Communication: Effective traffic management hinges on clear communication. Our Traffic Marshals expertly guide drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists with precise instructions, minimizing confusion and enhancing overall road safety.


Taxi Marshals have been proven to be highly effective in towns and cities across the UK in reducing illegal ‘pick ups’, controlling taxi queues, improving the safety of vulnerable persons and dealing with confrontational situations.

Confrontation can occur when individuals or groups of people behave in an unsociable manner in taxi queues. This type of behaviour has to be defused quickly in order to prevent violence and public disorder. Such disorder in a taxi queue can result in anything from physical assault to a road traffic accident if not controlled.

The Taxi Marshals work closely with the Licensing Authority, Police and other agencies, in order to ensure the efficient running of the operation.

Professional Taxi Marshals are a valuable asset to any town centre operation and duties include:

• Ensuring the safety of passengers and their property whilst queuing and on entering taxis.
• Ensuring the safety of taxi drivers and prevention of damage to vehicles by physical methods or by soiling from food and drink.
• Managing taxi rank queues to enable a fair system of boarding.
• Deterring crime and anti-social behaviour at taxi ranks.
• Ensuring that lone females, vulnerable persons or persons accompanied by children are adequately supervised.

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Surrey Security proudly offers the Night Marshal / Street marshal services. Night Marshal Schemes in towns and cities have proven to be extremely effective in reducing violent crime and improving the safety of vulnerable persons.

As the leading supplier of Night Marshals Surrey Security pride themselves on the results that have been achieved in the areas of responsibility.

At Surrey Security we always deploy experienced night marshal mainly responsible for:

• Patrolling on the streets, open spaces and estates to provide a visible presence.
• Reassure local residents and make them feel safe.
• Report suspicious behaviour to the police and other enforcement agencies.
• Support vulnerable residents of all ages.
• Deter anti-social behaviour in public places and report to police and the councils Anti-Social Behaviour team.
• Report problems with the street environment, for example graffiti and abandoned vehicles.

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