Surrey security is a nationwide service provider offering total security solutions under one roof for multiple sectors. We are experienced in managing risks, vulnerabilities and identifying the trends that are most likely to affect your business.

We specialise in developing Integrated Facilities Management partnerships across numerous business sectors including Offices & Corporate Spaces, Manufacturing & Distribution and Industrial. Wherever you work, we can provide the right support for you. Find out how we meet the needs of customers in different sectors.


Surrey Security Service is a trusted name in delivering comprehensive security and facilities solutions to companies operating within the construction industry across the UK. Our unwavering focus as a service provider is to provide our clients with the best construction site solutions possible. Construction sites face a multitude of preventable challenges, ranging from security breaches and theft to accidents and large-scale clean-ups, all of which can have significant implications on costs, time, finances, and the brand’s reputation.

With an impressive track record of over 15 years in offering fully managed security and facilities management services to construction companies of all sizes, including blue-chip firms and local contractors, we possess a profound understanding of the daily threats and risks that construction sites encounter. This expertise enables us to develop tailored solutions that directly address your specific challenges with precision and effectiveness.

From the initial stages of conception to the final completion, construction sites can attract unwanted attention from thieves and opportunistic criminals if not adequately secured.

At Surrey Security Service, we specialize in providing highly effective and robust security measures to construction sites nationwide. Our aim is to expose security breaches and ensure the safety of your invaluable workers and equipment.

When you partner with Surrey Security Service, you can rest assured that your construction sites are in capable hands, safeguarded by top-notch security measures and fortified against potential risks. Allow us to be your trusted ally in protecting your construction projects and maintaining the highest standards of security throughout the entire process.



“A lasting impression on visitors is formed within mere moments of their arrival at your company. The key to leaving a memorable impact lies in the demeanour of the person who greets them—a welcoming, highly trained, impeccably polished, and efficient professional.”

At Surrey Security, we take pride in our Corporate/Concierge Officers who are dedicated to delivering exceptional service. Our focus revolves around the following key areas:

  • Reception Meet and Greet: Ensuring a warm and professional welcome for all visitors.
  • Meeting Room Management: Efficiently managing meeting spaces for seamless arrangements.
  • Corporate Help Desk: Providing assistance and support to employees and guests.
  • Internal and External Building Patrols: Ensuring security and safety across the premises.
  • CCTV and Remote Surveillance: Utilizing advanced technology for enhanced security measures.
  • Access Control: Maintaining strict control over access points to safeguard the premises.
  • First Aid: Equipping staff with the necessary skills to respond to medical emergencies.
  • Fire Fighting Duties: Preparedness and expertise in handling fire-related situations.
  • Evacuation Procedures: Safely guiding individuals during emergency evacuations.
  • Disability Awareness: Ensuring accessibility and support for individuals with disabilities.
  • Health and Safety Procedures: Adherence to rigorous health and safety protocols.
  • Provision of Some Janitor Duties: Ensuring a clean and well-maintained environment.
  • Provision of a Range of Concierge Services: Going above and beyond to meet diverse needs.

Corporate security: Shielding ambitions, fostering trust

To ensure the highest standards of service, our concierge/front-of-house staff undergo a rigorous selection process based on their potential for delivering exceptional customer service. Once selected, they undergo comprehensive training to excel in customer liaison and security functions.

With our dedicated team, we strive to create a positive and lasting impression for all who interact with your company. We are committed to maintaining the utmost professionalism and security for your business and its visitors.

Thank you for considering Surrey Security as your partner in providing top-tier concierge and security solutions.

In the corporate sector, security isn’t just a practice –
it’s a commitment to protect not only assets, but also the foundation of trust upon which success is built


Whether you run a school, college, university or student accommodation, Surrey security provide students, staff and visitors with a safe environment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As well as protecting your business, reputation from harm, we provide a friendly and approachable security team, that students and staff will grow to trust and rely on.

Surrey security has been providing security for educational establishment and student accommodations for over 15 years. Our wealth of experience means that we understand the customer’s expectations are important for us to achieve and deliver.

What our education services offer?

All officers we provide are fully licensed, Enhanced DBS / DBS Checked and vetted to the most stringent security regulations. Whilst undertaking their duties, our officers interact with students and staff to provide a truly personalised service which is particularly relevant in public areas. This means that customers receive a level of service that always meets their exact requirements.

To arrange your free no-obligation survey, consultation, and quotation, or to arrange emergency cover please fill out the online form or call us.

In the education sector, security is the guardian that nurtures minds, allowing knowledge to blossom within an environment of
trust and protection

Health Care

We work with public and private healthcare providers to improve the patient experience. Our customers benefit from the expertise of our Healthcare colleagues around the world, brought together in our Centre of Excellence.


Catering that supports patient nutrition and wellbeing. Hygiene regimes that focus on infection control. Security services to protect and provide peace of mind. We provide essential services so that our healthcare customers can deliver uninterrupted clinical excellence.
But we’re more than a service provider. We believe our people should enhance the experience of your patients, staff and visitors. That’s why our colleagues are trained in mental health awareness, first aid and conflict management.

Within the healthcare sector, security stands as a vital partner, creating an environment where both patients and providers can
focus on well-being with confidence

Leisure And Hospitality

Surrey security specializes in collaborating with a diverse range of venues, including football clubs, stadiums, racecourses, museums, and many others. Our mission is to streamline operations, minimize costs, and enhance security to ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

Our dedicated team is trained to bring value to your customers’ interactions, elevating their overall experience at your venue. We understand the dynamic nature of your business, and our services are flexible to adapt with your seasonal demands.

Following major events, we take a proactive approach to manage turnaround operations efficiently, so you can get back to business swiftly when it matters most. Count on us as your reliable partner in optimizing your venue’s performance and creating a safe, memorable, and enjoyable environment for all your patrons.

Security in the leisure and hospitality sector, a seamless blend of safety and service, cultivating a haven where guests create memories with peace of mind

Logistics And Distribution

Logistics and Distribution is a complex operation which involves many moving parts. We make the complex simple and provide end-to-end facilities services within warehouses, distribution centres and offices to ensure that you can focus on delivering your core operations.

Surrey Security provide comprehensive Logistics and Distribution security solutions to businesses of all sizes and requirements. Our customised logistics security solutions designed to expose security breaches, reduce theft, loss and damages. As well as protecting your business, reputation from harm, we provide a friendly and approachable security team, that your company and staff will grow to trust and rely on.

At our core, we engage in the recruitment and training of exceptionally skilled officers with a demonstrated history of success in this industry. Our in-house accredited training academy serves as a hub for honing and advancing the capabilities of our security personnel, ensuring they execute their responsibilities in exact alignment with our client’s specifications.

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Guarding the Thread of Trade: In logistics and distribution, security stitches together the fabric of global commerce, ensuring that each connection remains strong and unbroken


The manufacturing sector is the cornerstone of global economies, producing goods that range from consumer products to industrial equipment. In this dynamic environment, security takes center stage as a critical factor in maintaining operations, safeguarding assets, and upholding the well-being of employees. The complexities of modern manufacturing require a multifaceted approach to security that addresses both physical and digital risks.

Manufacturing facilities are often sprawling complexes that house intricate machinery, valuable raw materials, and a substantial workforce. This combination makes them vulnerable to a variety of security threats, including theft, vandalism, workplace accidents, and even industrial espionage. Effective security measures are essential to ensure uninterrupted production, protect assets, and create a secure environment for employees.



In today’s interconnected and rapidly evolving world, the industrial sector serves as the backbone of economies, producing goods, generating employment, and driving innovation. However, this sector’s vitality also makes it susceptible to a range of security challenges. Industrial security, therefore, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning, safety, and profitability of industrial operations.

Industrial security is not just about protecting assets; it’s about securing the very foundation of economies and societies. By mitigating risks, preventing disruptions, and ensuring the safety of personnel and critical processes, industrial security contributes to the growth, sustainability, and progress of industries worldwide.

Surrey Security delivers all-encompassing security solutions tailored to suit industries of varying sizes and needs. Our personalized industrial security offerings are strategically crafted to uncover security vulnerabilities, minimize incidents of theft, and curtail losses and damages effectively.

To schedule your complimentary survey, consultation, and quotation without any obligations, or to request emergency coverage, kindly complete the online form or reach out to us via phone. We are here to assist you promptly.

Industrial security, where safety drives productivity and fuels the engine of progress, creating a foundation of trust in the heart of industry

Public Sector

With public service budgets under sustained pressure, Surrey security has earned a reputation among some of the UK’s largest local authorities for providing expert security and outstanding value.

As well as looking after council offices, NHS sites and other logistics hubs with Manned Guarding, Mobile Patrols and Key Holding Services, we organise park patrols for public spaces, set up temporary CCTV cover for special events, monitor trouble spots such as illegal encroachment on public land and more.


Our highly trained, SIA-approved security guards can provide a range of security services, from manned guarding, front of house reception, vehicle searching, patrols, access control, dealing with alarms and monitoring of CCTV.


We work with well-known retailers, large retail parks and shopping centres around the country. We provide essential services, delivered by colleagues who care about the visitor experience.

“Trusted by retailers”
Retail clients need security officers that provide a friendly reassuring presence with strong security awareness to support the image and overall profitability of their operations. We work with each of our retail clients to fully understand their culture, strategy and deliver a service that meets their needs exactly.
At Surrey security all officers assigned to retail sites have been specifically recruited, selected and trained for that role. We ensure that our officers know what they are doing and understand their role fully so that our clients can be confident in them and their ability to do what is expected.


For arranging your cost-free, commitment-free survey, consultation, and price estimate, or to coordinate emergency coverage, please complete the online form or contact us via phone. We’re here to assist you promptly and effectively.

Shopping Centre

Shopping centre security is an intricate blend of technology, personnel, and strategies designed to ensure safety, prevent incidents, and create a welcoming environment. In today’s dynamic world, the role of shopping centre security has expanded beyond traditional boundaries to encompass a holistic approach that takes into account various challenges and solutions. By striking the right balance between vigilance and approachability, shopping centre security contributes significantly to the success and vibrancy of these bustling commercial hubs.

At Surrey security, we are committed to elevating the security standards of your shopping centre. With a customer-centric approach and a deep understanding of the intricacies of shopping centre security, we are your trusted partner in safeguarding visitors, retailers, and assets.

Contact us today to discuss your security needs and explore how our comprehensive solutions can contribute to a secure and thriving shopping environment. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Shopping center security, the silent protectors ensuring that every visit is a secure and joyful experience for all

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation is not just a place to live; it’s a hub for learning, growth, and community building. In these vibrant spaces, ensuring the safety and well-being of students is of paramount importance. As educational institutions continue to expand, the need for comprehensive security services within student accommodation has become increasingly evident.

By providing a secure, comfortable, and welcoming environment, security services enable students to focus on their academic pursuits and personal growth, leading to a more fulfilling educational journey. In an ever-evolving world, the role of security services in student accommodation will continue to evolve, adapting to emerging technologies and student needs to ensure a bright and secure future for all residents.

At Surrey Security, our extensive experience and expertise have enabled us to provide dedicated care for the safety of our young and ambitious individuals. Our established national partnership with one of the leading student accommodation companies is a testament to our commitment. We have successfully provided security services for a range of educational sites, ensuring the protection and well-being of students in various settings.

Feel free to reach out to us today to initiate a discussion about your unique security requirements. Discover how our comprehensive solutions can play a pivotal role in securing your student accommodations. Rest assured; your peace of mind is our utmost priority.

ensuring a safe haven where learning and personal development flourish in an environment of protection and peace


At Surrey security, we recognize the indispensable role that energy, fuel, water, and sewage services play in supporting both businesses and communities.

With a wealth of experience collaborating with utilities organizations, we are dedicated to supporting your workforce in delivering exceptional services. Our focus lies in enhancing the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of your facilities, aligning them with the high standards of the services you provide.

Partner with us to ensure that your energy, fuel, water, and sewage services remain reliable and accessible to communities and businesses alike. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Utilities sector security, the silent force that ensures lights remain on, water flows, and life’s essentials thrive under the vigilant watch of safety


Infrastructure forms the backbone of modern societies, encompassing vital systems such as transportation, energy, water supply, and communication networks. These intricate networks support the functioning of economies, governments, and daily lives. Ensuring the security of infrastructure is not just a matter of protecting physical assets; it’s about safeguarding the stability, prosperity, and safety of nations.

In a world where the stability of societies hinges on the resilience and security of critical infrastructure, Surrey Security stands as a dedicated guardian. With tailored solutions, advanced technology, cybersecurity prowess, and a collaborative spirit, we are poised to ensure the reliability, safety, and functionality of essential systems. As infrastructure continues to evolve, so do our strategies, reaffirming our role as a trusted partner in shaping a secure and prosperous future for all.

For more information, please feel free to call us at 01483 355 355

Infrastructure security, the silent sentinels that protect the arteries of civilization, ensuring safety and resilience for societies to flourish