If your security company finds itself stretched beyond capacity, rendering it unable to deliver comprehensive security services, consider us your dependable solution. We welcome interest from fellow security companies who require sub-contracting partners throughout the country. We are well-equipped to provide capable security personnel who can seamlessly step in to fulfil your clients' needs.

We collaborate with security companies across the country, driven by the desire to establish a solid reputation and cultivate strong business connections. Our focus extends far beyond mere numbers – we're invested in nurturing meaningful partnerships.

More than just placing bodies on-site, we offer a depth of value that extends behind the uniform. Our security officers are not only equipped to meet your needs but are also finely tuned to align seamlessly with the essence of your business.

Be it safeguarding a client's retail store, overseeing a construction site, or providing comprehensive coverage for a building project, our array of solutions is designed to cater precisely to your unique requirements.


Our readiness to assist you on short notice is a testament to our commitment. Whether you require a lone security guard for an evening or a team of over 20 security personnel working around the clock for several months, we have the capacity to accommodate your requirements effectively.

We take pride in our adaptability, which allows our service to seamlessly integrate with yours. We offer the option to operate either under our company's name or under your company's identity, ensuring your clients remain unaware that you've engaged our services to bolster security.

Rest assured, the security officers we assign to your sites hold valid SIA licenses suitable for their roles, possess appropriate insurance coverage, and boast valuable experience in the field. Entrusting us with subcontracted security services not only provides you with the convenience of sidestepping the need for temporary staff recruitment, but also ensures your clients' sites are enveloped in our comprehensive security insurance coverage.


At times when your resources are strained, partner with us to safeguard your commitments, maintain your service quality, and uphold the integrity of your business.