Surrey Heath Business Award 2020

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Surrey Heath Business Award 2020 (POSITIVE SOCIAL IMPACT CATEGORY)

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The Surrey Heath Business Awards, coordinated by Surrey Heath Borough Council, shine a spotlight on the county’s foremost innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs. This event is a tribute to their remarkable contributions and accomplishments in the business domain. 

A remarkable accolade that speaks volumes about our commitment to community well-being,

Surrey Security achieved a momentous victory by securing the Surrey Heath Business Award in 2020, specifically in the distinguished Positive Social Impact category. This exceptional recognition reflects our resolute dedication to making a positive difference beyond our core services.


By winning this award, Surrey Security has demonstrated our unwavering dedication to fostering positive change, contributing to the betterment of society, and exemplifying our role as a responsible corporate citizen. Their victory in the Positive Social Impact category underscores our ethos of giving back and creating a lasting impact, further solidifying our reputation as a company that not only safeguards but uplifts communities.


Mr. Abdul Waheed, the Managing Director of Surrey Security, shared his heartfelt sentiments upon winning the prestigious Positive Social Impact Award. “I am truly honoured and immensely proud to announce that Surrey Security has been bestowed with the Positive Social Impact Award. This recognition is a remarkable testament to our unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference in our community and beyond.

From the very inception of Surrey Security, we have held the belief that our role extends far beyond providing security services. We see ourselves as responsible corporate citizens, and this award affirms that our dedication to positive social impact is making a significant mark.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to our exceptional team members who have consistently gone above and beyond to contribute to our social initiatives. Your dedication to community outreach, philanthropy, and environmentally responsible practices has been instrumental in achieving this milestone. Furthermore, I would like to extend my appreciation to our clients, partners, and stakeholders who have supported our vision and joined us in our journey to create a positive societal footprint. Together, we have made a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in this journey. Let’s celebrate this award as a testament to the positive impact we can collectively create, and let’s march forward with renewed dedication to making the world a better place.”